Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kirin Suika Soda!

Well, uh... who has two thumbs and totally forgot to update this blog for like, two weeks?

This girl.


Sorry to disappoint! I hope to be better at it in the future!!


So let's get right down to it, shall we? The soda that started it all...

Kirin Suika Soda!


Back in early December, Caroline from Spooning with a Schoolboy and I were out in Ikebukuro when we spotted a vending machine stocked with a 50 yen bottle of Suika Soda. I mused that even if it was awful, I'd try it for 50 yen, and thus, this blog was born! The only problem? It was sold out. Whomp whommmp. But I found it again, and at long last, here is my review!

It smells like...

Sniff sniff.

...watermelon-flavored Pop Rocks.

And it tastes like...

The same thing.

...liquid watermelon Pop Rocks!! It's just a little too artificially sweet for me to enjoy it, and there's a weird sour aftertaste to boot.


Packaging: A
Bouquet: B-
Interpretation of theme: C
All-around Taste: C
Final grade: C

Kirin Suika Soda is exactly what you'd expect: it tastes like artificial watermelon flavoring with bubbles in it. The packaging, with its red and green theme speckled with black "seeds" is pretty cute. All in all, eh, I guess it was worth 50 yen, but I still won't be finishing this one, either.

Hopefully I'll see you again soon... but, uh, I've used up my backlog of sodas!!

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